Queering the Student Body

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Many of us have lost our daughters in terrible ways, but this must be one of the saddest.


by Missingdaughter

Missingdaughter is the mother of a young woman who went missing in college. The author is available to interact in the comments section of her article.

How many college students identify as genderqueer, as transgender, as something other than male or female? Short answer: we don’t know.

The Williams Institute of the UCLA School of Law tracks transgender demographics. In 2011, the Williams Institute found that 0.3% of adults identified as transgender. Another analysis from 2016, which utilized data from the CDC’s 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), showed the number of adults identifying as transgender had risen to 0.6% of the population. What about teenagers? Yet another Williams Institute estimate in January of 2017 suggests that 0.7 percent of youth ages 13 to 17 identify as transgender. Teenagers are a difficult population to survey. Dr. Emily A. Greytek, director of research at G.L.S.E.N. thinks…

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Guerrilla GRRL

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I, too, find it strange to have made it to Cronehood only to discover that there is a plot afoot to turn reality on its head. It’s sad that so many young people are suffering from “gender dysphoria” and that parents are under pressure to “affirm their identities.” This will pass, but not before much damage has been done to both the young people and to our rapidly disintegrating society.

Madam Nomad

It’s is absurd that I, as a 65 year old grandmother, have to resort to adolescent tactics such as stickering up the doors of the institutions I vehemently disagree with,  but in this male supremacist, youth-worshipping,  capitalist nightmare of a culture we all inhabit old women are invisible and no-one listens to anything we say. All of my life I have been literally beaten and shamed into silence. And so I get out my sharpies and my box board and fire away.

40564474_10156605175719844_3373173911624613888_oaudre lordeI set this blog to ‘private” over the summer because I was becoming concerned about the increase in male violence perpetrated by cocks in frocks against gender critical women. I am disabled and impecunious and therefore in a position of vulnerability. But I know that my silence never did protect me and it won’t protect me now.  Several women wrote and asked me to open the blog up…

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50 Years of NOT Ending Religious Human Trafficking

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There have never been so many cults, and yet they’ve become invisible. They’ve been disappeared. But the suffering goes on in a social atmosphere where suffering has simply become normalised.

Vennie Kocsis

In August of this year, there will be an Alaska seminar to help educate law enforcement and local government, along with state citizens,  about Sam Fife’s Move of God cult, still very strong and yearly using state funds and subsidies for their own profit while religiously trafficking humans through free labor and mind control.  This cult is not just doing this in Alaska, but also in Georgia and other locations in the United States as well as other countries.  Because of this seminar, I decided to join a group filled with residents of Fairbanks, Alaska.

The subjects of cults arose when one of the group members recently posted this:

OKAY I have a question… every year around the same time I always end up having these kids come to my place of work. They claim they are fundraising for mission trips through their church. They try to…

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Women’s gym receives unwelcome visit from “Dick Surprise”

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This “person” has a lot of balls. Two, in fact. Two too many.

writing by renee

A Wellington women’s gym has received a sign-up request from an unexpected source.

Dick Surprise, who identifies as a non-binary pansexual Wellingtonian, sports male genitalia but claims to be a “woman inside”.

“I walk past this gym all the time,” Surprise told reporters. “And it really bugs me. Sure, men may control and dominate almost every aspect of social life from the military, to politics, law, business, finance, media, academia, most households and sports in general – and at women’s expense. Okay, I get it. I already know that, because I am a feminist, actually probably the biggest feminist you could ever meet.” In his own estimation, Surprise is one of the country’s most prominent and underrecognised feminists, alongside Gavin Hubbard, who has won gold representing New Zealand in women’s weightlifting.

“But it is 2018. After thousands of years of patriarchy, people who were assigned male at birth just for…

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Women’s gym receives unwelcome visit from “Dick Surprise”

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This “person” has balls.

The Trans Ego: Why Allies are becoming TERFS

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Gender Fascism And The Elderly Female Artist

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The fact that “moderns” cannot see older women is an unpleasant, even an agonising reality for many of us, but it does not change the fact that there is so much tempered creativity in us. Many of the young social justice activists are keen to defend the rights of all kinds of marginal(ised) groups, while we’re at best completely invisible to them; at worst, we’re relics from what they think are less enlightened times.

Madam Nomad

IMG_0554[1] BIRTH, oil on canvas, 24″x24″, by JEANNE Yesterday there was a “networking event’ at the School of Art and Art History at UIOWA, where I am currently attending classes. I chose not to attend because of an experience I’d had the evening before. I had attended a lecture by a talented and energetic woman  who runs an art foundation that supports artists who have a vision for creating community through their art. I respected what this woman was doing and I don’t intend my remarks to disparage her personally. In fact I’m grateful that she helped clear up a problem that has been dogging my heels and interfering with my ability to set goals with respect to my art practice.

I had been fairly proactive about promoting my art and my vision, submitting artwork to various venues and even having a show at a local community center and a booth…

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